Wednesday, 2 May 2007

JEE and Spring

I was in discussion with a colleague the other day who had not used Spring before. He was describing to me how Spring is not needed now because of JEE5.
It suddenly occured to me that, anyone who hasn't used Spring doesn't really understand how it works.

Se we were on the discussion of View handlers.. so the bit that finally renders (X)HTML in the browser.

Here is my theory : Spring has become well known for a lightweight IOC Container and famous for it. But people seem to miss the point that this is one area of Spring. I can take the Spring Portlet code and pop it right next to the JEE stack and it's all good.

This is akin to saying let's run struts in a JEE stack.
Same as me saying, let's run SpringMVC in a JEE stack

Interesting.. Anyways.

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