Friday, 25 May 2007

The WayBackMachine (internet archive)

Having recently moved my blog over to blogspot, I have wanting to "retrieve" all my old blog posts. Some are just historical and one is just funny.

In irony of a good IT professional, I was unable to find my blog backups, so instead, a waking (6:55am) thought prompted me to look on the Internet Archive (aka The Wayback Machine).

Of course, the posts were there. (this story has a good ending). So I am now proceeding to copy my old posts over to "here". For those bored, you can take a look at the RSS feeds and see which "old" posts have "modified" dates of 2007. (told you it's for the bored).

One post in particular that I didn't want to copy verbatim in is the following..

Wed, 9th Apr 2003

web load testing tools - @ 09:09:11
Here is a list of Web Testing tools that I have found
Comments on the ones I have used:

Open Source

Open Source

MS Web Appplication Stress Tool (MS WAST)
Free for Download, Usage Persuant to EULA

Load (by PushToTest) - No longer Maintained

TestMaker (by PushToTest)

So I have copied it in because, technically (or chronologically) it is my first public blog posting. Bit boring, but just hilighting it's contents, testing has well moved on from here now.

Two items when it comes to GUI Unit and load testing comes to mind (actually 3).
First is that with (Google Web Toolkit) GWT, the unit testing framework is built in. (A plus of course).
Second is the mozilla initiative to provide a Java testing framework for web pages. I have not yet had the pleasure (possibly) of using it, but suffice to say it looks great.

Of course, the third is really just a note, that since this 2003 posting, I have hammered grinder, weighed jmeter even more and, .. the browsers are finally starting to behave like you want them to .. THANK you FireFox!!)

(as I type this I hear the horrid sound of
mke2fs -c -v /dev/sda

clicking away on my iPod because the HDD has completely died. .. Im scanning for the bad blocks on Linux so that I can recreate the partition map skipping the majority (with buffers) of the bad sectors. Let' see what I come up with .. (there is a MUCH bigger story to this, one which I hope has a happy ending).

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