Sunday, 18 March 2007

Installing Ubuntu Server 6.10 on Dell PowerEdge 2400 Server

After much pain in trying to start the install, I was finally able to get the install underway.

What was the problem ?

I have 4 disks (2x 9 and 2 x 18G) and the installer was not recognising the logical disk that I setup on the RAID array (2 x 8 as one, RAID1 or 0)

What was the "possible" solution ?

Apparently it is a common found problem with these MegaRAID adaptors.

Essentially I2O is a specification used in these RAID arrays.

Personally I don't care too much, I just need my server running.

Apparently, the i2o module (i2o_core) for linux loads up first and then the megaraid module can't find the disks when it loads.

A few people found ways around it by manually loading the modules in the right
order (RHE, Fedora).

My answer for Ubuntu 6.10 server:

I found a tip on the RHEL "release" notes for RHEL 5 beta 2.

It states: Change the megaraid mode from I2O to Mass Storage.

I did that .. (Ctrl-M when it pops up) and then went back through the install. No problem.

I can see my 9G and then also my 2 x 18G's.


Thanks Red Hat. (Sorry I left you at RE 4.2)

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