Thursday, 3 May 2007

More Thoughts .. Moving from that proverbial database

I posted back in November my desire to move away from the database, somehow.

Well .. my chance has come .. I will still use it, but let's not have any SQL shall we. I am moving work-house.

So, Starting this new company in a few weeks time, I have the opportunity to not rely on a Database. Let's read that anotherway. I won't (want) have to write another piece of SQL.

Now, I actually have a great fondness of SQL. I actually becomes quite a proficient Sybase Tuner (knowing the profiler better than the walk home) back in 2002 - 2004. So I actually like the stuff and SQL is certainly a way to shift sheer lare amounts of data.

But why another language, I will already have CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, Java and a hack of XML for Maven, config, oh and Im sure my favourite XSLT language will land somewhere in the next big app I write.. so .. where does that leave SQL.

Well I am going to go dry .. I will look for all options, (logical), where I don't have to have any SQL. It is just another language, that when I am hiring or training or handing over, that I don't want to be the only one in the team that knows it so well that I get scared looking at others working on it ..
(told you it was a rambling).

So what are the options ?
How can you develop an enterprise app, that HAS a database but has no SQL (ie auto-gen'd SQL).

Here are some avenues to pursue.
- ODBMS (most likely)
- Auto Gen of OR Mappings
- Direct cache storage of Objects (eww!)

What happens when my objects grow, what about the old data etc ? That will be fun. I don't want to have to write "update" SQL (remember, sansSQL

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