Monday, 4 November 2013

Ramon's Rough Guide to Akka - Top Tips 1

Ramon's Rough Guide to Akka - Top Tips 1

And someone please tell me if the tips are wrong :-)

Over the past 2 years in my spare down time, I have been using Akka for the core of my application. There is so much to grok, but it is also very simple.

This will be a really short post, of things which I wish I had read somewhere, before diving into Akka.

1. Don't pass ActorRef's around :-)

The ActorRef (as I read tonight) is a handle to a specific instance of an Actor. So when that Actor dies an another takes it's place (or in my case during event sourcing replay) - The ActorRef will become stale.

Instead, get the ActorRef (or an ActorSelection) from


(and I uncovered this due to the deprecation of actorFor).
This will give you the Actor you need.

I guess I passed the ActorRef in to places because I am not using any DI (like I used to always with Spring). So instead .. now system or the context can be always used.

2. Read this new Post of Actor paths and Actor addressing!

This explains (1) better than I can.

That's it for today.

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