Thursday, 17 May 2007

Desire vs Need - Part 2

In building a proof of concept, a sound architecture is abstract from it's infrastricture. In this view, the project 014 (my codename) will be put on to an ODBMS and an RDBMS.

Now, being the good timesheeting developer that I am. I will break up my development time into framework, and then also time the effort for the data access layer, and then the time for implementing the datastore.

For this datastore, I will choose one for the prototype (RDBMS or ODBMS) and then as a research (non-official) will choose the other.

I will literally ask my magic 8-ball which one to start with.

I do expect that the ODBMS will come out trumps, but lets see.

So .. the need vs desire is simply that the I know RDBMS systems extremely well which is the "need" for time to market (prototype) a time thing) and the "desire" (see previous posts)
to use an ODBMS instead.

I actually expect that developing with the RDBMS will take longer than with the ODBMS, as quite simply, it looks simpler.

So what should I choose ?
Well .. you have to compare like fruits, so
db4objects embedded has to be compared with Hibernate+Derby
db4objects client/server has to be compared with Hibernate+MySQL.

I am NOT comparing speed, I will just compare effort. I will do that afterwards.

One of the many reasons some people jump to Ruby on Rails and other "X" fancy platforms is because of all this "crap" we have to put up with. (Ruby and ActiveRecords apparently does away with the Hibernate Crud..) it just still feels wrong. So, if we like Java as much as we say we do, we MUST do something about it. Sun will, but it will probably take them about 2 years longer than 6 months it would take "us" to make change happen. After all, we are the users who "sell" this stuff.


German Viscuso said...


I understand your point of view and I wish you good luck with the eval.
I just wanted to leave a comment here to offer my help if you have any questions about db4o during your storage layer implementation (just get back to me and I'll see what I can do).

Best regards,

German Viscuso
db4o Community Host

Ramon said...

Thanks German, I shall do.
There are lots of areas to check out, and I expect that there will be some things I don't understand.

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