Friday, 23 April 2010

GWT2 and Maven

GWT 2 and Maven - Close I have been working with the new GWT 2 code. Especially the new IDE Plugin for eclipse.

One things I remember doing with older 1.5 --> 1.7 code was run a separate Jetty container and pass -noserver to the GWT Dev mode, so that I could control

(a) where the compiled JS files were and went to

(b) running a servlet separate from the hosted app was nice.

With the new in-IDE mode and the new browser plugin, I found it is almost there. Essentially, my issue I am resolving at the moment is a maven thing.
  1. I don't want the GWT Hosted mode to put compiled *.js files (etc) in my src/main/webapp. Primarily because this folder is in Source Control.
  2. My Maven compiler plugin writes out the WAR when i do mvn package.
  3. I want (1.) solved by having it splay out the Compiled files to target/some-ignorable-directory and use the magic Jetty ALIAS do-hickey to "combine" src/main/webapp and target/gwt-hosted-war.tmp
achievable, yes/. The problem comes that .. In the lanucher .. I try: -war "${workspace_loc:sample-gwt-webapp/target}/gwt-hosted-war.tmp"
-war "${workspace_loc:sample-gwt-webapp/target}/gwt-hosted-war.tmp"
But, that directory does not actually have the WEB-INF files in it.

How could I solve it:
  1. symlinks src/main/webapp/gwt/* to target/tmpfilder/gwt with Linux and Mac.. not portable to Windows .. except for linkd
  2. before starting the Jetty Container, copy the src/main/webapp to target/tmp-war/ .. not nice for code changes of running jetty in src/main/webapp
  3. Make changes to the dev classes .. (you can provide a new ServletContainer .. but only that .. and it's not in there where the checking is done)
  4. use the -noserver and use Jetty (I want to run just on JVM for debugging) ..

Friday, 26 March 2010


A good read this.

I am looking at using OSGi to provide the plugin capability to this new Scala, JPA, GWT, Spring App.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Scala, JPA, GWT, Spring, Eclipse, Maven - Part 1

About to embark on something ambitiuos (I suspect), I figured I would detail through some blog posts how I go.

I am building an application (secret squirrel until it releases) that I want Scala to be it's core language.

The GUI I want in Java (it just works so well), Eclipse is just the default IDE for me, Maven my absolute must build tool and then all the goodness of Spring and Hibernate as usual.

My first challenge (beyond learning Scala) is to get Eclipse, Maven and Scala to co-operate. The project will have Java source and Scala Source mixed in.

GWT, as per my other standard projects will be in it's own module anyway.

So.. here goes. This is just the "I am trying this" post. I'll let you all know how I go.

Read on for Part 2

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