Saturday, 18 November 2006

Thoughts .. Moving away from the DB

This is often the topic of an OO developer. How do I distance myself from the database platform, but not lose, and only gain, as would be the goal.

So I want to not have to rely on a DBA.. I mean, whay have two models. One for the database and one for the code.

The problems I still see are

- Invested expertise in DB coding (SQL sprocs etc)

- Speed of Batch processing. (one of these days Im going to bench mark some hardcore processing and see how I can get the same performance from a platform)

Client requirements, speed, experience dictate that we are tied to the RDBMS, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server, great platforms. I myself have extensive experience in knowing how to get the diamonds out of the Sybase Parser, but not practising that black art any more I often wonder what my next "personal" project architecture would be.

James Strachan mentioned to me the other day how cool it would be to have XPath (Xquery) on top of Jaxb2. That is a cool thought.

The XML Content repository JSR-170 is a good read if anyone ever thinks of an XML database :-) that is essentially what it is.. I will certainly look at it again as a thought.

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