Thursday, 10 May 2007

So glad things have moved on...

Having always been in IT for most of my (post age 13) life. I take notes, and lots of them.

Here is a snippet of some notes I took about 5 - 6 years ago. It's like my Own personal "change control" sheet. Before I even really knew what the heck a change control "form" was.

Oh, the icemaster is my "server" almost always. I have a gorgeous old 60's chrome that belongs on the back of a car, which is script says icemaster. Funny thing is I found it in the inside of the freezer box of a 60's fridge. It is
fantatic and has moved with me to all my servers over the years...

Why do I say things have moved on. Well now Ubuntu (and other distros just make this stuff so much easier). I don't need to worry about installing stuff to any great detail like you used to have to.

I remember sitting down for 6 hours with Adam Spann (Druss) and working on Slackware with was running kernel 1.2.28 in 1994. Gosh those were the days of 2 hour kernel compiles !!!

I don't think I have even compile a kernel for Linux in the last 18 months. whoa.. is that even happening, wait till I have kids, I might forget XML.

soo .. here you are .. snippet of 6 years ago

icemaster - P120 32M RAM .. lots of disk space to play with as well

2001 07 12
After much fluffing around and installing Debian 2.2r3
I have a working systems
To do .. install SCSI modules for the SCSI cards
Configure the snd card it's conflicting on IRQ10
so I need to get it off there at some stage.

2001 07 12
Install Xvnc (vncserver) .. gives us X windows vnc Access .. Neato!
tar it out
make World
cd Xvnc
make World

make install and make
Edit the /etc/vnc.conf file and uncomment the fontPath settings ..
All is well .. now let's get some X interface happening

2001 07 12
Installed samba 2.2.1a with default options into /usr/local/samba and /etc/samba/conf

Have 'make'd apache 1.3.20 .. it isn't installed yet.

2001 07 16
Installed apache 1.3.20
Attempted to connect .. no go ..
after a few mins ..
Did an netstat -an
Ahh there the bugger is .. port 8080 ,Must have been because I was compiling as a user
Ahh well .. fixed now.

2001 07 16
Setup swat
/etc/services ---> swat 901/tcp
/etc/inetd.conf ---> swat stream tcp nowait.400 root /usr/local/samba/bin/swat swat

Now .. killall -HUP inetd
DOH! .. bad username/password ..
Looked aorund using google.. possible that it needs PAM configs to auth root
Seems to need:
icemaster:/home/rbuckland/software/samba-2.2.1a/source/pam_smbpass# less /etc/pam.d/samba
auth required /lib/security/ nullok shadow
account required /lib/security/

Couldn't find Try net for 2 mins
Nope .. use dselect .. Ahh there it is. ** NOPE STILL NOT WORKING **

-- Recompiling samba
./configure --with-pam
cd src
make install
... YESS!

2001 07 16
Setting up jakarta-tomcat (compiling it)
+ Installed j2sdk 1.3.1

2001 07 17
Setup a symlink from /etc/samba/smb.conf --> /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf
so that swat can use the same file (quick fix)

... and it went on, but I have snipped it

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