Wednesday, 23 May 2007

MacOSX and .. and ..

So it's been 2 days now that I have been using the Mac for my primary machine.
I have used Mac's for a while in the past, but primarily as test machines, or in my earlier days as a network admin, supporting users on them.

Now having officially switched, I can say I like it, certainly as much as I thought I would.

So, how odd is this, I have switched from, now Windows but from Linux. Now .. it's not Linux that I don't like. In fact I love it, but it's that as a development platform, the mac powerbook is just right.

I installed eclipse on monday and used it for about 5 hours today. I had some odd problems trying to install subclipse, and also the spring ide plugin.

I had downloaded 3.2.2 and Eclipse was saying that a particular version of some package was not installed. The odd thing was that it was the stable version of the plugin(s).

Because people all around me have been talking netbeans, I figured I would give it a good try.
I have never liked the concept that ant is at it's heart, especially since I have been a maven advocate for the past 2 years. Anyways, I'll see how it goes.

So far, I have followed the setup for a maven project in netbeans, and have seen how they hook goal execution into the ant subsystem. Not a bad way of doing it.

I created a fairly comprehensive domain model today (30+ classes) and I want to now see this as a model, so I couldn't install the Eclipse UML modelling (see above) .. which is why I am trying netbeans. Perhaps I will have better luck.

In theory the install for the UML Modelling went well, but poor old netbeans didn't register that the plugin was installed.

All is not fair in war. Some things are not as they seem (as they are described) .. but never get disheartened, there will be a way around or through this.


Milos said...

for maven projects in netbeans, you might consider using the IDE plugin at instead of mapping the maven project to ant.
UML won't work with maven projects that though.. :(

Ramon said...

Thanks Milos, I have an update.

I didn't end up getting Eclipse completely working. It seems very odd to me (one I have to tackle).

On the netbeans front. I installed 5.5 and was able to get the UML Modelling plugin working ( I just re-sttempted the install and it seemed to appear). From here I basically reverse engineered the project as it was found in eclipse (as an imported netbeans project). This worked just fine because I was able to cut n paste the UML model into the documentation (my aim).

I have to next work on the key bindings in eclipse. They certainly annoy me, seems that MacOSX picks up some keypresses before eclipse.

I "discovered" today that the SHIFT+Delete key will action delete. Again, I am SURE I could have read that somewhere if I had half a matter of sense.

:-) Still loving it.

Ramon said...

Second Update

I managed to get the subclipse plugin installed by install the Mylar plugin alongside of it. All is well now and it has installed with success.


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