Saturday, 15 March 2014

akka-persistence and DDD

I have been working for some years now on a few projects. In many respects just code to exercise the brain.

About 3 years back I picked up event sourcing from a Scala Days conference and I am sold. now more than ever.

So I have released the core components of my scala - akka-persistence - DDD (CQRS-esq) implementation over on github for all to peruse.

In the coming weeks I will add a "Petstore" ala, sample application to the implementation (and it will be a case of eat your own dog food).

This ties together the very odd Uuid generator I blogged about about a year a go and Event Sourcing of objects.

I am using AngularJS as my front library which works really well because with and the Jackson Marshalling, I get the Scala Case classess coming back to the browser as JSON with next to no effort at all.

And because it is all in memory, the speed is just blindingly quick! Very very impressed.

Thanks have to go to
- Martin Krasser for eventsourced - and akka-persistence (it's successor)
- Mathias Doentiz and the team
- All the Typesafe Akka guys. Seriously brilliant stuff
- The whole AngularJS team - job really well done.
- Jackson JSON Marshalling. Truely the best JSON marshaller there is.
(is that it ? ) .. for now yep.

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