Wednesday, 8 October 2003

Had a birthday the other day

As you do most every year, I have had my 28th birthday.

Got myself a CD or two
* Grandaddy's 2003 album, title escapes me. Fine listening there
* The Beatles White Album (laying now)

some parfume (is it perfume for guys or aftershave ?) some nice
smelly Gucci Stuff that is.. and an egg cooker. Bit of a funny
one that..

Growing up my mum had a Sunbeam Egg Center. It cooked your eggs. :-)
It was shaped like a flying saucer (like a bad B-Grade Movie FLying Saucer).

The eggs sat it a tray (5 or 6 I think). You filled the lid (had a measure
in it) to your desired 'softness', poured that water into tha base,
turned it on and waited.

I gues it detects a rise in temp to know when it's boiled off all the water.

Anyway, a few months back, that got me thinking (I was never getting the
cooked egg thing right by guessing the timing).
I grabbed a saucepan, put in 1/2 cup of water, but on top of the saucepan
the 'asian style' steamer (made of bamboo). Put in my 4 eggs (standard issue
700 grammers).

Put on the lid, gas on high, and waited.

I waited probably 5 minutes, the trick I figured was, given I got the amount
of water correct, all I had to do was listen and detect the lack of
water in my pot.

First few goes weren;t too bad, overcooked them really. I like
a soft/mushy centre.

SO .. I worked out that 1/2 a cup of water was just right, and you
could just hear when there was no more boiling
water, thus eggs a ready.

BUT, I wanted a better way. My next thought (untested) is to put
in the saucepan (with the water), some light balls, like ceramic
balls the size of marbles. This way, they would get tossed by the water
making a sound until the water is no more, then you know the eggs
are ready. reduce the amount of water to soften your eggs etc..

So little beknownst to I, Sara had bought me a 'real egg cooker'

It's shaped like a chicken, fancy that. and it cheeps when the eggs are

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