Saturday, 11 October 2003

1RY CPU coolers for AMD are hard to find

I am currently in the process of building a lowish spec 1RU server for a project I'm working on.

The Server spec is an AMD XP 2000+ 512MB RAM and IDE Disks. (big whoop I hear - I told you it was low spec).

SO anyways, a 1RU server needs a 1RU CPU heat sink and fan.

the AMD Chip was the lowest in the Athlon range at the moment. I think it's around 1.6Ghz
but, being the lower end, puts it in the workstation class of course, so do you think I
could find a CPU heat sink and fan for it easy. Nope, issue was (here is Aussie World) that
most suppliers won;t stock it, not a "fast moving item".

Since it is a 'desktop' class CPU most people just answered, "Nope, don't have any, won't have any"

So anyway, thanks to the nice mag I buy monthly (just to keep my ear on the hardware ground)
Computer Market (not related to
(where was I.. ). Yeah, this mag, I find an ad
for some guy selling lots of Fan stuff. This is after 2 weeks of calling about 20 suppliers,
going straight to in Melbourne even and asking them. (it's one of their fans I was

This guy, had one of the Tsunami fans I wanted.
A Socket 462 AMD Athlon 1U (1RU) Heatsink and fan.So $40 later it should be in my mailbox on Monday.

I'd just like to add that so far service from there is great!

Also, the 1RU case I have purchased (if your interested also)
was a good buy..
1RU server case: Maccase 101 1RU ATX Case
From: Online Marketing Pty Ltd (Sydney - Often good prices)
Direct Product Listing here

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