Wednesday, 8 October 2003

Ahh the joys of the XBox

Just today, I've noticed my xbox has stopped a responding on the network.
Not hardware related as the EvoX menu responds with pings (Phew).

Bit of a fiddle here and there, looks like my XBox ethernet card is failing
to be picked up by the kernel.

No matter, on to debian xbox 0.4.1 I say.

I installed this on my brothers XBox and it went ithout a hitch,
my issue is going to be if it will allow me to install over the top of the existing filesystem
since I have my full datastore on there.

I _think_ it's time to get the datastore (aka my 80G drive) _out_ of the XBox and back
into the server. Im a little nervous about not having that nice control
of the drive when it's in the XBox. Putting it on
the server again means I can still have nfs'd.

Ahh ramblings. .. and All I want to do is get on with the other big project
Im working on.


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