Monday, 19 May 2003

Paper jams on HP LaserJet and Canon LBP Printers (a free fix)

Does you Laser printer take too many sheets ?

Does it Jam when it takes too many sheets ;)

This might be your answer, HP has it.

Found a fix for it (a bit left field).
Apparently there is a fault with some
HP lasejets and the fix is provided by HP
HP Support.

Read more from these URL's google

The fix is a tool they send out, for Free and you use this tool to fix the printer.

Basically, Our printer is a Canon LBP-660 and about a year a go it started taking
2 then 3 then more sheets of paper.

I scouted aroud for a DIY fix and found a reference somwehere for paper jams
and the HP laserjet. Knowing that some printer engines are the same (manufactured
by same company) I did some more googling and found that the canon printer I have
is similar to a HP one (just ngine wise, not firmware interface etc).

So, thought I'd give it a go, (it was free).

The parcel took about 2 months to arrive.. but, it worked.

The 'thing' that HP gives away is like a sticky label that is installed
into the printer using this tool they provide. (weird)

.. why post this now? Well 9 months has past and the printer is at it again
and luckily I have found the URL. so .. when I need to find it next time
I can just look on my website ;)

I can't remember which of the printer 'tool' version I ordered. Maybe it
was for the 6L that I used. The difference is in the shape of the tool
that they provide.

The tool is made of cardboard

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