Saturday, 24 May 2003

Music via JavaScript - (Reading the floppy drive from the browser ? :-)


Click on this link to take you to some weird javascript that uses your floppy
to make music, and yes I wrote it ;)

floppy music

(just couldn't resist could you.. :-)
and They said I'd grow up!


Bardelli said...

Hi Ramon,
The link doesn't work anymore... do you have any mirror? Or if isnt asking too much, could you send me this app?

Ramon Buckland said...

Hi Bardelli,

Sorry, I only saw this post request today (yes, 4 years later). I don't actually have it myself either.

It was odd. Effectively it had a routine that "accessed" the local file:///a:/SOME-NONE-EXISTENT-FILE

Because that actually works, the drive makes a weird sound when a floppy is not in there.

I was then able to execute massive numbers of these accesses which corresponded to the length of a note.

If I ever find it, I'll be sure to post it up.

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