Wednesday, 21 May 2003

MOding the XBox with an OZXChip

Reason: to run linux..
details so far.

I mod'd the xbox.

The new BIOS screen loaded up straight away.. no issues. (so far)
(yet to boot linux or put in new harddrive)

A good note I read was, before you mod the xbox, burn a copy of
a music CD and see if you can use the standard Xbox music copy
thingo to 'rip' it to the harddrive, if you can then the CD
brand you used should be okay, some DVD drives don't like CD-R's

I used a cheapey CDR and it ripped okay.. I have heaps of CDRW's
which are said to have far less problems.

I put the BIOS disable/enable switch at the back
(drilled hole in plastic and metal sheeting)
I completely dismantled it to do this though.

There was a few tricks, in all.

1. the picture in 4b of instructions does not give a clear view
of which pin to solder the wire onto.

This piccy helped me
modchip pikky

2. my wire was a little taught for my liking if I went around the board
so I ran it through one of the spare holes in the LPC plug where the
modchip goes.

the wire can be soldered to the top or bottom,(i think)
but the bottom has a lot better access and less obstacles.

3 to remove the metal tray, you have to remove the front panel
after you have removed the motherboard, usb ports, powersupply.

the front panel is clipped on the sides and three clips along the front
inside (easy to see with everything removed)
I just gently prised one side clip and the closest front clip to that
side to pop it off.

4. The fan, unclips at the bottom, either side, and slides up and
unclips again at the bottom to come out.

the back of my xbox looks like

(x) (o)
[vga/soundport] [net]

(x) is the switch.. it's high and clear of the board inside and
plenty of room there, I think it's nicer
at the back.

(o) is a dummy hole (only in metal, not in plastic)
next to the installed toggle, i put 2nd hole in the metal
sheet, but not in the plastic, (in case i want to add that 2nd toggle
for BIOS protection or something other later).


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