Monday, 9 April 2012

Crashplan Active Bandwidth Control #2

In a previous post on crashplan - Crashplan Active Bandwidth Control - I setup a sophisticated "control" mechanism. I have now simplified my approach down to understanding my family patterns and I think it works as a guaranteed performance "setup".

Essentially, between the hours of 23:45 and 06:30, my backup is using ALL the available bandwidth. But I go a little more than that.

Crashplan only has an "on, off" approach regarding times. I wanted a "Fast", "Slow" approach around times. I am using UNIX cron and a script I wrote in the previous version which logs into Crashplan and adjusts the bandwidth.

My /etc/crontab looks like this .. finely tuned over the past 2 months.

So this seems to work real well, I have been able to increase my Backups to now pushing out 90G per week. Pretty good going.

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