Monday, 17 December 2007

Nokia N95 8G, iSync, 3 (Three), music, internet and my Mac

So, recently I have switched over my phone service to 3 (three) for the sole purpose of being a roaming IT worker. Since beginning of October I have found myself without internet access in a lot of places, so I switched to being mobile using three's Internet plans.

To do this, of course it necessitated the phone upgrade (actually, my previous phone was a good 3 year run, the shoicking iMate K-JAM (don't buy)). so .. back to Nokia I went.
The Nokia N95 8GB is the upgraded version to the N95 with the major difference being (for me) all the N95 stuff (software etc) didn't work.

So .. what I wanted was to have this N95 as my modem through bluetooth. To be able to sync calendar, pull photos off it (5MP camera, nice) and to have some stuff to listen to such as my usual Java Posse).

TO do this, seemed simple enough, but there were a few hurdles.

First. Internet access, the most important.
Turns out I had to locate som different modem scripts.
The following was my source of succcess.

<<==-- Internet Access --==>>
Download the Modem Scripts from Ross Barkman (thanks!)
You want the ones labeled Scripts for Nokia 3.5G (HSDPA) phones (26kB): Nokia 3.5G Scripts.

Once you have put them in place ("/Library/Modem Scripts")
you will have three new scripts to use. Nokia HSDPA CID[1-3]

Pair you phone through th Bluetooth preference panel.
Once paired, go into the Network Preference Page.

The following settings are what I have used.

Service Provider:
Account Name: 3netaccess
Telephone Number:
Alternate Number:

In PPP Options, the following are "ticked"
[v] Disconnect when user logs out
[v] Disconnect when switching user accounts
[v] Redial if busy
[v] Send PPP echo packets
[v] Use TCP header compression

Configure IPv4: [Using PPP]

** no proxies configured (i don't use any)

[Bluetooth Modem]
I have unticked the following
[ ] Enable error connection and compression in modem
[ ] Wait for dial tone before dialling

Now that that is all done, see if you can connect :-) the "3netaccess" account name, I found that from the following link

<<==-- iSync--==>>
So, Internet Access was probably the easiest (1/2 hour research).
iSync proved to be a good week battle of trying many iSync plugins until I happened upon the only one that worked which was this.

iSync Plugin for Nokia N95 8GB

Thank you Jussi Edlund!

With this iSync plugin installed iSync works.

<<==-- Music and Pictures--==>>
So, Nokia, they have this "almost" right .. the camera appears in iPhoto, but the phone doesn't appear as an iTunes "player" (probably can't do that).
But anyway .. from Europe, download the following ..

Nokia Multimedia Transfer

Hope that all helps someone!
Have a great day.

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Jose said...

Great compilation of info for everyone. I have gone through all the steps you suggest and some others make but still can't get a connection. I keep getting a "No carrier detected".

Anyways, thanks!

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