Sunday, 18 March 2007

Installing Ubuntu Server 6.10 on Dell PowerEdge 2400 Server

After much pain in trying to start the install, I was finally able to get the install underway.

What was the problem ?

I have 4 disks (2x 9 and 2 x 18G) and the installer was not recognising the logical disk that I setup on the RAID array (2 x 8 as one, RAID1 or 0)

What was the "possible" solution ?

Apparently it is a common found problem with these MegaRAID adaptors.

Essentially I2O is a specification used in these RAID arrays.

Personally I don't care too much, I just need my server running.

Apparently, the i2o module (i2o_core) for linux loads up first and then the megaraid module can't find the disks when it loads.

A few people found ways around it by manually loading the modules in the right
order (RHE, Fedora).

My answer for Ubuntu 6.10 server:

I found a tip on the RHEL "release" notes for RHEL 5 beta 2.

It states: Change the megaraid mode from I2O to Mass Storage.

I did that .. (Ctrl-M when it pops up) and then went back through the install. No problem.

I can see my 9G and then also my 2 x 18G's.


Thanks Red Hat. (Sorry I left you at RE 4.2)


Florin said...

Could you please tell me the exact configuration this server has? And what kind of load it can sustain? If you have any ideea of course :)


Ramon said...

Hi Florin,

I haven't actually performed any load testing on this server but was used in a fairly passive network environment for 5 users.

I know from past experience, these PE 2400 servers are quite performant for their day.

I have two, the 2400 desktop, and a 2RU 2450. Both with Dual 733Mhz CPUs.

One has more disks but I cannot remember how much or which.


Florin said...

Actually i have another problem right now :(
I'm trying to isntall ubuntu on it, but it keeps finding sda, sdb, ... sdz :(
Any idea?

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