Saturday, 8 May 2004

Upgrading to Kernel 2.6

Due to various technicality issues arising from incompatibilities with my kernel 2.5, I was forced to upgrade to 2.6 (on the laptop here)

So a quick check, and then by force having to reboot back to 2.4 to do it,
I upgraded, and a few things didn't work. I needed to add a line in /etc/netowkr/interfaces
eth2 inet dhcp auto

# or similar and /etc/modules

The first, (eth2) my PCMCIA wireless network card moved to eth2 (when under 2.4 and 2.5)
it was eth1.

At the psmouse, it's a new module needed for the PS2 type interfaces, of which my Trackpad on the Vaio lappy
is one.

So .. a quick, 40 mins of play and Im up to 2.6.5 .. not bad for a days work.

Thanks Linux (and debian) for making this all possible.!
(love it)

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